Your Interview with Dicker

The following will help you prepare for your interview with Dicker:

Tips for Your Success

Since you do not work directly in our offices, communication is the key to a successful relationship with DICKER. All issues regarding your assignment must be communicated with DICKER immediately. This includes any changes in job duties or in the nature of your work environment, changes in the length of the assignment, absenteeism, tardiness, or changes in your availability. Also, it is your responsibility to call DICKER weekly to confirm your availability. All DICKER staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Having a reputation for "keeping your word” is a quality most admired by every company. Never accept an assignment unless you know you can complete it. Be dependable and punctual. Each day make a commitment to yourself to be the best.
A flexible, helpful and positive attitude is one of the most important traits we look for in hiring temporary employees.
Dress professionally for each assignment. Work diligently throughout your work day and offer your support and assistance to others when your work has slowed down. Use these quality habits to make the statement "I am a Professional".