Timesheet and Payroll Procedures

We want to make certain you receive your paycheck promptly every week. By following the guidelines listed below, you will help us to do so.

  1. Timesheets can be printed from our website. Click on the ‘Print Timesheet’ button located at the top of this page.
  2. A separate timesheet must be completed for each different assignment you work each week. A new timesheet must be used for each new week.
  3. Make certain each timesheet is signed by a supervisor or authorized representative of the company where you are working. That signature is our ONLY authorization to issue your paycheck.
  4. Record your daily start and end times to the nearest quarter hour. Also, record your daily and weekly total hours in quarter hour increments.
  5. All timesheets must be in our office by 12:30 pm Monday. You may drop it off at our office, mail it to the address on the timesheet or fax it to our Accounting Dept. at 972-250-9515.
  6. Mark each timesheet Pickup, Mail, or Direct Deposit in the space provided at the top.
  7. You may pick up your paycheck after 8:00am on Thursday. Holidays may delay your paycheck until Friday.

If you are on a job assignment and do not have a timesheet, you can print the following Timesheet in PDF format.
  (Acrobat Reader required to view and print.)